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True Meaning of Memorial Day

As we enter into this Memorial Day weekend, many of us are preparing to go on a road trip, hit the lake on the boat or celebrate with family and fiends with a picnic or BBQ.  We all know Memorial Day as being a day off from work, the unofficial beginning of summer and a […]

Recipes for Your Dog’s Kong Toy

  A Kong is a hollow, tough, rubber cone that is designed to be filled with food. Kong’s come in different sizes, are freezer proof, and are almost impossible to chew through. For heavy/strong chewers, the black Kong is recommended due to its heavy strength. Red is for normal chewers, and for older dogs and […]

Get Your Home Show Ready Without Spending Money

Having a home that is show ready can make a huge impact on how quickly your home sells and for how much it sells for.  Follow these free, or incredibly cheap, simple steps to ensure your home is show ready! 1) De-clutter.  You want potential buyers to focus on the house, not your stuff.  Pack […]

Mortgage Preparation Tips

As I’m sure everyone has heard, right now in the Phoenix Valley it is a great time to buy a house. Whether or not you are able to make this commitment right now, you can still get yourself ready for when the time comes that you can purchase. 1. Check your credit now! If you […]

Buy A Home With Little to No Money Down!

As the real estate market constantly changes, so does the lending industry.  The lending industry and housing departments needs to keep up with the housing market to ensure the housing market flourishes.  Right now in Phoenix, AZ the housing market is favoring the buyers, aka “buyers market”.  What that means is that there are substantially […]

April Housing Market Update

If you follow any of the updates about the Phoenix Housing Market you are probably confused on what is happening.  It seems like almost every week the news report will change their information from us being in a “buyer’s market” vs a “seller’s market”.  While this sounds a bit confusing, the truth is that Phoenix […]